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Solicitors are SO expensive

I remember how my first conversation with a solicitor went after starting my own MSP

"Here's a list of everything you must have right now, or risk your business going pop overnight.

Oh, and by the way, the cost is £20,000."

Not many of us have a spare £20k sat in our bank account, and not many can afford the insane hourly rates of solicitors.

But what are the other options?

Download some free templates you found online, which were written 5 years ago and not fit for use.

Take on the risk of operating without agreements, and risk a client who doesn't pay you, or wants to cancel their contract.

You decide to spend the money, instead of paying yourself a salary this month. (This is more common than you think!)

Download some free templates you found online, then pay a solicitor thousands to read and re-write them.

But all of these options pose a significant risk to your business.

Unlike any other free or cheap online templates, the templates I provide fix all of these issues.

Who the heck are you?

Hey! 👋🏼 My name is Pete, and I ran a £1m+ UK Based MSP with 16 staff, which I recently sold. 

I did all the things you're doing. 

Growing a business with all of the challenges it brings, and you have to self-appoint yourself as head of Marketing, Customer Service, Accounts, H&R and of course, Legal!  

When I first enquired about a simple set of contracts, I was stunned at the cost, (and their hourly rates!). 

But, we sucked it up and we slowly, one by one, bought and implemented each of these agreements, and spent thousands in the process.

I want to help you save a truckload of £££.


Hear what Scott has to say...

Scott was one of my first coaching clients. He's taken absolutely everything on board and is smashing it with video!


The UK MSP Legal Templates 

After selling my MSP, I realised that I could help a HUGE number of MSPs by saving them tens of thousands of pounds.

It's quite clear that solicitors won't sell Templates when they can make more money by not. 

I thought to myself that if I can take some of the money from selling my MSP, and pay a specialist UK Based Solicitor to draw up all of the common legal agreements most MSPs need. 

Then it would fix that problem! 

But it doesn't. Because as soon as you take those agreements to your own solicitor, they'll still charge you thousands to read over them and by then, you may well as just paid them to write one from scratch!

Except I fixed that problem too...



Access an ever growing library of legal agreements written specifically for UK MSPs.


Every document is updated every year to ensure you are always covered for the latest changes in legislation.


Get direct access to the firm that looks after the templates, to have them personalised for your business at a significantly lower cost.

This gives you access to a UK Law Firm so any changes you need can be done at a lower cost and they can even defend you in court if needed.

This is why I created this library of UK MSP Legal Templates

The Templates

Listed below are all of the currently available templates:

Terms and Conditions

  • Applies to all customers
  • Default payment terms to collect via Direct Debit
  • Sets out payment terms and general terms of business

Managed Services Agreement

  • Billed on Per User Per Month
  • Refers to your quotation and general Terms and Conditions
  • Sets out expectations on what's covered and not covered as part of the agreement

Employment Contract

  • Sets out all the standard employment expectations. Salary, Working hours, holidays etc
  • Includes clause to pay back any training costs (also provided as a separate agreement)

Online Backup Agreement (Redstor)

  • Designed specifically as a back-off agreement for MSPs using Redstor to provide the backup service.

Hosted VoIP Agreement 

  • Allows you to resell VoIP Services to your clients, including covering your liability if hosting your own VoIP Services with a third party provider or host.
  • Plus, a version specifically designed as a back-off agreement for MSPs using Daisy Wholesale to provide a VoIP Service

Leased Line Agreement

  • For those providing dedicated connectivity (such as Leased Lines) to your customers

MSP Confidentiality Agreement

  • To be used when partnering with another MSP to deliver services to your customers

Data Processing Agreement

  • Sets out your responsibilities around handling customer data

Quote Waiver

  • To provide reassurance when quoting clients and to reinforce your liability position if the client does not take up your quote

🆕 Proposed Rate Schedule 

  • Clearly explains your charge rates
  • Includes costs for out of hours and minimum charges

🆕 BONUS: Jury Service Refusal

  • Prevent your staff from being taken out of work during critical times of your business.
  • Currently has a 100% success rate! (5 out of 5 uses) [Update Jun 2024, one report of it not being successful! 😢]

🤑 So what's the investment?

These resources have cost me over £20,000 over the past couple of years. 

I've priced these templates at a wallet-friendly cost of £1,000 Per Year (Ex VAT), which is significantly less than what even a single one of these templates costs.

Your annual membership fees will be used to keep the templates up to date with the latest legislation changes, and will be used to create more templates. 

If there's a template that's missing, just ask and we will add that to the list! 

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