About Me 


Since I sold my MSP, I've been working with MSPs of all sizes across the UK, US, Canada & Australia.

I remember looking for help whilst running my own MSP, and the only help I could find would cost me upwards of $1,500+ per month. 

Those people who are charging thousands, haven't run their own MSP, and some haven't even run their own business other than their own consultancy! 

Whether you just need someone to bounce ideas off, or seeking a trusted advisor, coach, mentor, sounding board or marketing strategist - I'm happy to get stuck-in anywhere I can.

That's the benefit of working with someone who has actually walked the walk and run their own MSP. 

I wanted to change that and help those who needed it, at an affordable cost. 

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My Strategy

Growing a Good MSP

Pricing & Packaging

Nailing your Pricing and Packaging sets you off on a strong foot. 

Feedback & Promotion

Collect feedback from existing customers and take action.

Marketing Strategy

Every business is different. Find what works for you, but be brave to try new things!

Process & Procedure

Without solid processes through documentation and procedures, growth will be difficult.