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Hello, I'm Pete Matheson 

After starting, growing and recently selling my own MSP Business, ‘Not a Business Coach’ was started to help Business Owners of aspiring MSPs to reach their goals. 

Over the last decade, I built a Managed Services Provider in the UK and took it from £0 in the bank and zero staff through to over £1.2m in turnover, a team of 16 staff and, of course, everything else that comes with running a business.

'Not a Business Coach' came about when I was approached by multiple MSP owners asking for my help, and is fuelled by an industry where most ‘Business Coaches’ have never run their own business, let alone know the nuances involved in running an MSP. 

For those looking for help with their MSP, I’m here to be your trusted advisor, coach, mentor, sounding board or just someone to bounce ideas off. 

'Not a Business Coach', because I'm not a business coach. I'm an MSP owner who likes to help other MSP owners.

Watch my Journey

In 2018, I was inspired to start a YouTube channel for my business, Tekkers IT Solutions, which I hoped would work as a marketing pillar to attract new clients. 

Little did I know the journey this would take me on. From sharing tips on TekkTalk Tuesdays, to the inner workings of how our staff and customers were looked after, our ethics and ethos, the journey as we moved into bigger offices and took on more staff. 

I still continue this YouTube channel to this day as I'm a firm believer in the power of video marketing for both a personal and business brand.