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10 Tips to MASTER Pay-Per-Click Advertising

msp marketing Oct 11, 2022

Here is your 10-step checklist on how to run a good PPC Campaign - brought to you in partnership with Marketopia - more on them in just a moment.

But for now, let’s just get straight into number 1.



Understand the terms behind your ad campaigns. What are keywords, what does a bid mean, and what is the Cost per Click - there are so many terms, so familiarise yourself with what they mean.



Do some keyword research. Base this on the service and area you are advertising whether that is IT Support, Cloud Backup, or connectivity - just be aware that there are very competitive keywords like IT Support, so look for the longer tail terms which could be easier to compete.



Make sure your Google ads account is organised. Structure your campaigns and ad groups in a tidy fashion. For example, Campaign “Microsoft 365” - Ad Group 1 “365 Migrations” - Ad Group 2 “Managed 365” for example.



Number 4 is simple, to understand and then set your budget for each campaign.



Plan your keywords, once you understand the different types being; broad match, phrase match, and exact match.



Make sure you have great ad copy, that includes popular focus keywords.



Create your ads. This part is pretty simple since Google practically holds your hand throughout the ‘build process’, but it’s difficult to manage ongoing. This brings me to number 8.



Don’t just let your ads run, check on them regularly, more regularly if your budget is high, a small mistake can waste a huge amount of budget. So check in often. This is where having a skilled agency or hiring someone with experience to manage your ads can pay off, it's a time-consuming process, and with a big ad budget, you can easily waste a large proportion of mistakes.



Number 9 is to make sure you connect your ads account with other marketing tools such as Google Analytics and especially something like HubSpot since this makes lead tracking and ROI calculations that much easier.



Speaking of wasting budget again - don’t get down about wasting a bit of budget, you will have to spend money to optimise your campaign. Particularly around the new google Ad campaigns where you just give Google all of the data, and it goes away to try and find the best leads for your business. This inherently means a bit of ‘leaving it to figure it out’, which also means spending the budget whilst it figures things out.

Whilst that is a quick and dirty checklist, there is so much more to running a good ad campaign, which is why I’m happy to team up with Marketopia who is an expert when it comes to PPC campaigns.

Hope this helps! See you soon. 

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