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1Password for Business | Best Password Manager Review 2021

business security tech Jun 18, 2021

In this post I wanted to once again focus on protecting your digital selves from all the scary things online, and today we're talking business - and specifically, taking a look at 1Password for Business.

If you're like me and are juggling a world that includes family and work-life - then carry on reading as we review 1Password Business.


Hi, my name is Pete, I post blog posts here every Sunday and Thursday for Tech Reviews, Finance, and more recently focusing on staying safe online.

From anything from making sure nobody else can get to your email accounts, bank accounts, maybe your crypto wallet? I kid. Crypto wallets are all worthless now after Elon tanked the market by tweeting that Tesla wasn't accepting bitcoin anymore.

Oh, doge.

But, before we take a look at 1Password Business, about how it can be a lifesaver when it comes to securing your digital world, and the world of your business and colleagues - first of all, there's something really important I'd like to ask of you.

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Also because I really want to become a full-time YouTuber, but no - definitely the safety thing.

Now regular readers will already know why I prefer 1Password as my pick for the best Personal password manager out there, if not then you can go watch my epic 30-minute review where I review all the big players out there.

In this post, we're going to touch on Pricing, Features, Security, and Support when it comes to the 1Passwords Business offering.

Make sure to stick around until the end because I'll also tell you about an incredible discount that 1Password has offered for those wanting to sign up - and this isn't a sponsored video, but I am talking to them, and I'm really, really hoping that any month now 1Password will sign up as a channel sponsor or something like that because I really love their product and think everyone should be using a password manager. So yeah, 1Password - when you're ready!


1Password Business is $7.99 per user per month, billed on an annual basis - and includes like, all of the features. And I don't mean just business features!

When it comes to features, you get everything that you get on a personal plan - like access on basically every device, app, and platform, including Linux which they just recently launched. Unlimited items, 2 Factor Authentication, simple things like being able to display a large password with numbers underneath for all those 'Please enter character 12 from your password' type things. Offline Access where you can actually edit passwords offline, which is a really rare thing I've come across with most other password managers, but you also get.

VIP Support - Interesting, given that I've personally found their existing support to be really, really great already.


5Gb of Secure storage per person. So if you want to file away maybe driving licenses, insurance documents, passports, anything like that.

20 Guest accounts which you can use to share specific passwords externally.

You also get their Advanced Protection which is a fantastic and kind of essential feature for any business password manager, where you can create policies around the strength of any passwords generated, enforcing 2FA, and even adding Firewall rules so they can't log in from say, outside of your corporate network or from specific countries. THAT is a really handy thing to have to really secure your passwords. If you never leave the country, then just create a blanket policy to block anything outside of that country. Great!

You also - and this is something I love about their Business Account, get a free 1Password Families account for ALL team members.

That's a free account for up to 5 people for every one of your staff. THAT is a great thing. And go and watch THIS video which is all about 1Password Families to see what you get with that.

The activity log in 1Password Business lets you see who has accessed and made any changes to items in each of the vaults, you can generate reports to show who has accessed what which is great for if someone leaves then you can identify which passwords might need changing.

You can create Groups which is a very understated feature, but something that you learn at a VERY early stage of being in the IT Industry is to Always control things by Group Membership, not individuals.

Because over time, granting permissions to individuals just gets messy, clunky, and unmanageable, whereas once you define groups and what permissions those groups need. Then you simply add and remove people from those groups without running the risk of accidentally giving one person access to more than they should have.

And then lastly, and this kind of goes into Security slightly, but you can integrate this with Active Directory, Okta, and OneLogin and they also have a really good Slack Integration which all in all, just makes creating and managing users for your business so much easier.

With all of those features said, you also get all of the other standard features that 1Password comes with. 

Watchtower will monitor for any password leaks or breaches and alert you if you need to change anything and you can also store other personal information like credit cards, notes, and various online identities to make it easier when filling out forms.


Over in the Security Department, this is something where 1Password is really strong.

Firstly, it is one of the only password Managers that I've come across that has ZERO trackers in it.

Compare that with LastPass that has 7 trackers embedded in the Android version of their app, and that includes one specifically for grabbing marketing data so they can market to you 'better'. Absolutely not something you want to be embedded in an app that holds your personal information.

You can also enable and enforce 2 Factor Authentication for 1Password Business as a policy, and either use my recommendation of Authy to generate the code which it prompts you for - but if you really want to beef up the security then you can use, and enforce the use of one of these - which is called a Yubikey, and 1Password Supports this as a form of second-factor authentication, as well as Duo which is another third-party enterprise offering.

These Yubikeys work much like a physical key to your front door, except in this case, it's a physical key to your most important things. 1Password being the main one, but you can also use it for things like your Gmail or Outlook and many other online services where you'd rather not have anyone else get into them. They also make them in all the various formats, one to carry around with you, one Micro key to plug in your laptop or desktop, and even come with NFC and Lightning for the iPhones which are yet to catch on to this new craze called USB C.


I have to say that all of my impressions of 1Password Support so far have been, genuinely, really great.

Now this isn't sponsored, I don't get special treatment even though I am trying to hound them to sign up as a channel sponsor or something - but every time I need to contact them about something, which truthfully speaking is a handful of times over the years I've been using this - they've come back really quickly. Like, half an hour type quick.

And it's been consistent over the years I've used them.

So if you do need a hand with getting the more enterprise integration options set up, then they will be there to hold your hand through the process with real people who really understand the product too.

So with that said, check out the links below for some incredible 1Password discounts!

🛒 Get 3 Months Free of 1Password Business:

🛒 Free 14-Day Trial - 10 Users of 1Password Teams plus 50% Off:

🛒 Get 50% off your First Year of 1Password Family: 🛒 Get 25% off your First Year of 1Password Personal:



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