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Why is nobody doing this?

business msp marketing Nov 02, 2022

The gloves are off and I’m sorry if this offends you, but this post pretty much sums up how BAD every single IT company in the world has become, and I’m sorry - but there’s every possibility this includes you as well.

One of the biggest challenges I hear almost daily from IT Business Owners is winning new clients. Marketing and sales. More business, more customers, more more more.

So when an opportunity arises to dramatically improve the situation for your customers and prospects - what do you do?

You do the same old shit.

Here’s how to stay safe online.

Here’s a 10 step guide to find a good IT Provider.

No wait, I know what you need!

So here is, a video all about us and what we do.

For F**ks Sake.

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So what am I talking about? The Energy Crisis.

I have had so many conversations with IT Business owners recently about something that we’re all thinking about, something we’re all worried about!

My electricity bill has gone up from £1k per month to 5k per month, my gas is doing the same! My utilities are going from 3k per year to 60k per year!

 P.S - I highly recommend Octopus Energy if you're looking for a change. 

It doesn’t matter whether you're talking about business energy or the cost you pay at home, it’s the same worry that every single one of us has.

When it comes to business, we know all too well that if you’re currently making an OK profit per year, how quickly that profit will disappear if you have to spend it on energy bills.

I’m even having discussions with people about solar, battery storage, and UPS backup - because of the rumoured blackouts that we might have to endure in the winter.

So why the f**k aren’t we having these discussions with our customers, and why do I not see my social media feeds full of IT Businesses, trying to help their customers navigate this incredibly stressful time for other businesses, especially during times when we are already seeing businesses forced to close down because they just can’t afford it.

There was a report of one coffee shop saying they’d have to charge £20 for a cup of coffee just to break even, it’s just nuts!

What we should be doing, not now, but always, in our marketing, is helping our customers, and helping our prospects.

The days of marketing with content that is so obviously just a sales pitch to get me to become a customer are over.

If you’ve read Influence - the Psychology of Persuasion, then you’ll know that one of the first rules of influence is reciprocation.

It’s actually why I signed up with my accountant - she was putting out a tonne of helpful video content all about how I can save money.

I felt so compelled to become a client because she’d helped me out with all of her free advice.

And you know what - since the day I signed up, there have been hardly any more videos, and now I’ve started watching other people's videos instead, and soooo…

Combine that with an equally inefficient desktop PC, and that could double to £2 per day. If you multiply that out by the working days of the month, plus 20, 50, or maybe hundreds of PC’s that some businesses use, and we can quickly see how businesses could end up paying thousands, tens, or even hundreds of thousands of pounds per month.

However, if you replaced that with more energy-efficient alternatives, perhaps even a laptop - that could turn £2 per day into just 10 pence and slash businesses' energy costs by more than 90%.

What about the risk of blackouts? You thought laptops were hard to get hold of back in 2020, just wait until the whole country tries to buy backup UPS batteries!

 Use this as a chance to get ahead, educate, and help your clients avoid potential disruption.

Ever had a battle with the air conditioning in your office? Someone who’s always cold and so has the heating on full blast, but then someone down the other end of the office has the window open because they’re too hot?

Those situations could be costing you thousands.

Or if you have a traditional heating system with a boiler and radiators - I’ve heard people go, well - it’s an old system, we have a thermostat but we can’t really do anything about that.

Yes! Yes, you can!

If you have radiators, then you can fit smart TRVs into them which allows you to control the temperature in individual rooms.

The cost of a few hundred to invest in a smart heating system could save you thousands in utility costs.

This is stuff that we in the IT field know - so why aren’t we helping those that don’t?

So please, please stop going on about yourself in your marketing.

If you want to really kick your marketing and sales up a notch, why not put together a downloadable PDF as a form of lead generation - comparing all of the typical items you’d find in an office and the cost to run them, vs some energy-efficient alternatives?

Now you’re marketing more effectively whilst helping prospects out, AND growing your email list.

Help your customers by educating them on how to save money on their energy bills. Because out of all of their suppliers, you are one of the most knowledgeable when it comes to helping to reduce their costs.

Thanks for reading, that’s the end of my rant, and until next time.

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