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5 Ways to bugger up MSP Lead Generation

business msp tech Nov 25, 2021

Today we're going to talk about 5 ways you can bugger up your MSPs lead generation, so listen up - because I bet you're doing one of these things...

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Don't bugger up the follow-up! It's something I've fallen victim to over the years and it's something we all need to get better at.

You enquire with a company, receive a quote and we all know the 2 different types of follow-up.

The first, where you hear absolutely nothing back. They basically ghost you! Never to be seen again. The other, the total opposite of that where they hound you until you give them a yes or a no. Phone calls, emails, social media - whatever it takes for them to close the sale!

But overall, make sure you are following up, just make sure it's not at a level that feels pushy or that it smells of desperation. Find a good middle ground that works well for you and your prospects, perhaps even ask them how they would like to be followed up when you first speak to them! Let them guide you.


Number 2, is not giving a decent lead magnet. If you are trying to build your lists by offering some free downloads like an ebook or guide, make sure you are giving away something that's actually valuable to your clients. Give them access to something that you can't just find elsewhere online for free. Find a problem that affects your prospects, and give them the fix for that problem with your lead magnet.


This leads me on to Number 3, you want to be brutally qualifying those leads. The more specifically you outline what those leads will get from signing up, the better your leads. Tell them who the lead magnet is for, how it will benefit them, and also what will happen after they fill in that form - that alone can be quite powerful because the level of trust we all have in filling out forms today is at an all-time low. Tell them that you're not going to spam them, tell them how quickly they'll receive the free download, and then, of course, make sure you don't spam them every hour of every day...


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In all seriousness, number 4 is actually to treat your prospects with care and respect. They have been generous enough to give you permission to be in their inbox, so make sure you take the time to make sure that anything that does land in that inbox, is relevant, useful, interesting, and good to those who are receiving it.


Finally for number 5, in the don't bugger it up bucket, speed of response. When someone is interested in you, they are interested in ever-increasingly shorter and shorter amounts of time before they get distracted and start looking at other things.

So when a lead or prospect lands in YOUR inbox or gets added to YOUR list, make sure you contact them as soon as physically possible. Now this does go back to rule number 3 and 4 where you shouldn't be spamming them, but depending on your lead magnet and on the prospect, if they are a hot or warm lead actually interested in buying from you, the longer that YOU sit on it, then the less likely it will be for them to buy from you.

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Thanks for reading, see you soon!

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