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Be productive for HOURS with Brain.FM

Sep 16, 2022

It’s becoming increasingly rare for me to come across a new product that genuinely has an impact on my daily life.

So when it does happen, I feel compelled to share it with you. Like today, where I’ve come across something that helps me focus, get more stuff done, and be way more productive than I have been.

My name is Pete and I like Chocolate, just a little bit too much than I should.

The service I want to share with you today is, and there’ll be a link below to get you 20% off and brings a year's subscription to just $39 or just £33.

This thing is going to sound crazy and you may not believe me, but just give it a try for yourself and see.

I love my music, I constantly have to have music on for me to feel productive. I had it on in my office when I was on my own, we had music when we had an office full of staff, and my Spotify playlists are always getting new music added to them.

But more recently I’ve been realising that when I really need to knuckle down and focus on my work, that music was distracting me.

I’d find myself singing along, tapping away and that would be enough to have my mind wander and start wondering what’s happening on Facebook or LinkedIn or who’s messaged me, or I wonder what’s going on in Ukraine or whatever. This was further compounded by the recent heatwaves we've been having in the UK. 

Fast forward 4 hours, and I’ve done about 1 of the 20 things I had planned for that day.

I imagine this is a similar experience for music-lovers everywhere… those who need a constant soundtrack to their life - even at work.

So let’s get a little bit technical here…

When we’re working, we are using our ‘working memory’ to compile and process the information that is required for a specific task. But the working memory is limited. So, if you want to be super-productive or hyper-focussed on a task, you need to make sure that your working memory is only processing the crucial information. If you’re listening to your favourite artist or your latest Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify, your working memory will be processing parts of that music: the lyrics, the beat or melody, or some other part of the music, and that leaves less room for the important stuff. Thus making you less productive!

So when came along, telling me that it could help me focus on my work whilst also listening to music - I thought I’d give it a go, because what’s the worst that could happen!

In short, and non-technical terms, or I guess medical terms, uses music that’s crafted by science to work with your brain.

It has something to do with the modulation of the music that works in time with your brainwaves, basically something clever that I don’t really understand - but what I do understand is results.

I’ve honestly been using this for the last few months now, and it’s definitely improved things.

All I do is throw a pair of noise-cancelling headphones on, hit play and now I actually focus on the tasks I have to get through that day.

Since it costs practically nothing for the year, I decided to sign up, and I’ve used it every day since!

When you load up you’re greeted with choosing whether you need to focus, relax or sleep - though I’ve only ever used this in the Focus mode.

Running through the features briefly, you can choose the length that you need. I use it on infinite most of the time, but you can also set Pomodoro or custom timers if you want to get a specific session done.

Over in the other settings, you can select if you’re wanting to do Deep Work, Learn, or be Creative. I tend to go through Deep work or Creativity.

You can choose the Genre that you want to listen to if you prefer a specific style, and then you have Neural Effect. Which is basically how strong you want’s clever scientific stuff to be.

Interestingly, it has a setting that says it may help those with AHDH to focus, so I’d love to know if this works if anyone with ADHD has made it this far into the video!

Otherwise just let it do it’s thing, throw on your headphones, and actually get some work done!

There’s a link below for 20% off, and I’d love to know how you’ve gotten on with, so comment below with how it’s worked for you, or perhaps any other tips you have around staying focussed at work.

And I’ll see you at the next one!

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