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Better than Tech Tribe!?

msp tech Nov 23, 2021

I have something really important that I need to clear up here, because it's obvious after some discussions with other people, and even with Nigel from the Tech Tribe, that I've made a big mistake here.

So here it is.

My Online Course - the one that I've spent the last year or so piecing together, is not a direct competitor of Nigel Moore's The Tech Tribe.

Yes it is a course, yes it has some templates and resources, but it is not a direct competitor.

I've even spoken to Nigel about this directly on a couple of occasions now, where the word competitor came up in conversations. And so I need to stamp out any rumours, or thoughts, or whispers, that this is in any way a replacement for Tech Tribe.

In fact, one of the first videos in my actual course itself is explaining why you should be joining the tech tribe!

In fact, on lots of the calls I have with those interested in 1:1 Coaching Calls but who are super early in their journey and perhaps don't have the budget for a 1:1 coach - I say they should NOT buy my course and go with the Tech Tribe first.

But still, the rumours continue.

The Tech Tribe is where you go, for an absolute bucket tonne of resources, information, content, pre-prepared marketing content, and most of all, in my opinion, the community of other like-minded MSP Owners.

The course I have built is primarily sharing my experience of starting, growing and then selling my own £1m+ MSP, which I sold last year. It's delivered in short and to the point training modules, with no bullcrap or fluff - stretching things out to be a 40-minute presentation. In, Out. Now Get to work.

Alongside those training videos, I've supplemented them with actual downloadable templates and resources.

Things like a Newsletter template, because I highly recommend having a printed newsletter.

Things like a Welcome Brochure template, because I highly recommend having a welcome brochure to give to your prospects in that first meeting or even before you meet them for the first time.

Things like time estimate templates so you can accurately price jobs and project plan, employment contracts because if you want staff, you'll need a contract. Heck, the Support agreements and Terms and Conditions agreements are adapted versions of the Tech Tribe's agreements (because I wanted to adapt them to fit the way I did business). And to add to that, I got Nigel's permission to host them.

So - the first thing you should do is join the tech tribe. There's a link below that get's you 40% off your first month and if you don't like it, I think Nigel will buy you a Taco if I read that right?

And if you think that the experience of someone who has recently started an MSP, built it to over £1m turnover, grown to 16 staff, and then sold it just last year, if you think that experience and knowledge is worth something - THEN grab my course. If you want more UK Specific templates and contracts, then that's my course.

But Nigel has some incredible stuff in the works already, and personally - you'd be mad not to sign up and see what's to come.

I hope that clears up any confusion, thanks for watching - and I'll see you next week. Cheers.

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