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Cheap MSP Marketing Plan!

msp marketing Aug 28, 2022

The challenge we face as business owners is having enough time and money to market our own business, whilst we’re busy actually running the business.

So if that sounds like you - then stick around, as the things in this post are just, absolutely nuts.

OK, so a few years ago I joined the Tech Tribe, I made a video about it, and I basically signed up with the intention of just downloading all of the resources that they had and then cancelling my membership a month later.

Basically walking away with a few thousand pounds worth of tools and templates for next to nothing, ah thank you very much.

Fast forward to today and I am still a member - still! Even though I’m not even an MSP owner anymore!

Today, I’m going to run you through how the Tech Tribe is basically giving away a whole marketing plan and strategy for next to nothing, and why your time might just be running out to get your hands on yours. 

But first - What brought this about?

Well over the last 6 months, and recently the last few weeks, Nigel and his Tribal team have introduced a couple of new additions to the membership which just, they just…

So for basically nothing per month, in addition to all of the other stuff that you get as a Tech Tribe member, you now also get a monthly marketing pack of resources you can use, plus even more recently, a whole CRM system.

The Marketing pack includes 6 pre-made social media videos which you can use to share across your social channels.

There’s an email newsletter template, in multiple formats that you can import into your Marketing CRM System.

There are 30, yes, 30! Social Media posts, for you to post daily across your social channels.

You get 3 different versions of a printed newsletter, which gets automatically branded with your own company details.

There are 8 more versions of the older ‘legacy’ printed newsletter, 6x Blog Posts with a further 18x Images and 18x Text to be used to promote those blog posts across your social channels.

A further 8x Nurture emails which you can again, load straight into your CRM which you can use to send to your prospects.

But that isn’t all, there is also a WordPress plugin that they’ve built which will automatically bring in and publish those blog posts to your website, without you doing a thing.

So for those of you who are in that ‘I don’t have any time to market myself’ place, this checks a big box.

However, the even bigger box that it checks, is with their most recent announcement, called Growably.

Growably is basically a whole CRM system that is pre-populated with lots of this information, plus a whole lot more, which is built on the High-Level CRM platform.

With Growably, you get a bucket tonne of features that can save you even further costs on other items you’re paying for.

There’s a scheduling system similar to Calendly that lets people book appointments with you as well as:

  • An online chat system that you can add to your website.
  • A social media scheduling tool like Buffer, Hootsuite, or MeetEdgar.
  • A deals, Opportunities, or Pipeline tracking system, which you may or may not already have in your PSA.
  • Of course there is a whole email campaign system with pre-loaded templates and email campaigns.

When I say pre-loaded templates and email campaigns, they also have a full campaign, which they call Funnels, which includes the signup page, the downloadable checklist or PDF, and the form they fill out, which then leads into the whole email follow-up campaign too!

I wouldn’t be surprised if that price more than doubled once you factor in a CRM, Appointment Scheduling, Social Media Scheduling, not forgetting all of the pre-made campaigns!

Now this isn’t meant to be a tutorial, because the Tech Tribe has a tonne of tutorials around about how to use what’s included, but after Nigel gave me a walkthrough of Growably last week, at 1 am in the morning my time, I genuinely couldn’t really believe all of this was included for less than $30 for the first month, and I don’t think many MSPs out there know this sort of help is available - literally, none of it was when I was running my own MSP, and I’d be heavily leaning on this today if I was an MSP of any size who just didn’t find time to ‘do marketing’.

So to get that silly low price for your first month, use this link

I wonder what Nigel and the Tech Tribe are going to do next? Perhaps a PSA or RMM platform?

Speaking of which, a secret note for those of you who have made it to the end, if you’re trying to get on Halo and are under the now 15-user minimum, then if you use this link to register for a trial, I can have my people talk to their people talk to your people, and possibly get you in with only paying for the stuff you need. Read more about my thoughts on Halo:

This is stuff that I’ve been repeating across my posts for so long now, and right now you can get all of this for just $30 for the first month, which gives you 40% off, which means after the first month you’re still only paying $50 per month.

Given that is SO cheap, and Growably is obviously something that’s going to be costing Nigel and the Tech Tribe a significant figure each month, personally I think it’s only a matter of time before this price goes up.

I have no insider knowledge about this, it may never happen - but if it does, then it may be worth getting in today, even if you don’t have time to use it just yet, just so you get grandfathered into the pricing and get access to what I can only imagine, is Nigel trying to build one of the best and if not the only marketing platform built specifically for MSPs.


Thanks for reading, see you soon!

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