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Crafting a Killer MSP Website

msp marketing Aug 30, 2022

Step 1 in the Mach Speed plan from today’s sponsor, Marketopia, is to have a good website.

So today and in the coming weeks, we’re going to break down each of the steps in the Mach Speed Plan, starting with your website!

Because what makes a good website? A list of your services, a few stock photos, an about us page, and a contact us page, and you’re done, right?

No no, and so many no’s right here!

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Step 1: Above the Fold.

You need to clearly answer the question of, What do you do? Who is this for? Why should I care?

Don’t stop here, because you also need to tell them what you want them to do next.

Step 2: A video!

Have a video displayed prominently on your website that answers those 4 questions.

Step 3: Images.

Use Real images, of real people, YOUR people, throughout your website. We’re talking Zero stock photos across the website. There is no reason in 2022 why you should be using stock photos on any part of your website. Show real staff, show your services, and show what it looks like AFTER people take up your services.

Step 4 - Your top Menu.

Keep it simple. A small logo at the top, bare minimum navigation, a phone number that’s trackable and clearly visible, and include your main Call to Action there too.

Step 5 - Personality.

Have a photo of the business owner, or owners on the page. That video lets your personality and the personality of the business shine through. with real photos of your staff throughout the website, it shows that your business has a soul. It’s not some corporate machine that doesn’t care.

Step 6: Call to Action.

You should have consistent primary and secondary calls to action which are repeated at least 3 times on the page and with call-to-action copy that is clear, snappy, and compelling to get their details.


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