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Mach speed your email

Email Marketing on Mach Speed!

business marketing Aug 19, 2022

Step 2 in the Mach Speed for MSP Lead Generation is Email Marketing.

But what is, GOOD email marketing?

In today’s post, I’m going to run you through a few ideas on how to get started with email marketing, and how GOOD email marketing can help bring in new leads to your business.


To get started, firstly you need to come up with some good lead generation material.

This could be a cyber security self-assessment checklist, maybe 5 steps to protect your business, but doesn’t HAVE to be strictly all about the service that you offer.

The key thing here, as with most marketing, is to stand out by putting out something that nobody else is. 

9 Tools the fastest growing creative agencies are using, that you didn’t know about.

Something like that, which can be really specific in its niche, by targeting creative agencies, or replace that with whatever industry you wish to work with.

That's an attractive lead generation tool. Damn, I actually quite like that one.

Once you have your ideal for a title, go and put it into practice. 

Canva has a whole library of free designs for checklists that you can use, so just put together what those 9 tools or steps are into a 1 or 2-page document, and you’ve now completed step 1.


Step 2, is to draw up an email campaign off the back of this. 

The easiest one I can think of is to write one email about each tool and use this email to expand on it. Why do they use it, how much does it cost, can you link to any discounts, or what alternative but similar tools are out there?

Write one up for each of these steps, and now you have a follow-up email campaign with at least 9 emails, and perhaps you might want to include a couple of bonus emails in there to over-deliver on what you promised.

In those emails, give them a clear call to action to explain what you do and how you can help, with an easy way to get in touch.

That’s step 2.


Step 3, is simple - you just need to put this all together now into a single-page website. Call it a landing page, or a squeeze page, this page has one goal only, and that is to get the visitor to fill in your form to sign up for the downloadable Checklist, PDF, eBook, or guide.

No navigation, just one page that locks them in by you showing them what they’ll get for giving you their information, and selling the overall benefit.

Using the example we’ve got, 9 Tools the fastest growing creative agencies are using, that you didn’t know about. The benefit is that they’ll learn about the tools that might help them grow their own creative agency faster than it already is, and unless you’re not already one of the fastest-growing creative agencies around, then you’re probably going to sign up to find out what you’re missing out on.

With Step 3 complete, you might wonder what to do with them now you have them in your system, the answer here, is to stay in touch.

You don’t want to spam them, but keep them up to date with what’s going on around them.

Once again, the riches are in the niches here, if you can really tailor your marketing around their type of business - and I mean more than doing what we all see on LinkedIn of

"Hi First Name, I see you run a Creative Agency in Nottingham. You exactly fit the profile of someone we can sell to, ahem, I mean help"!

So depending on who you work with, keep them organised in your CRM. Tag them, categorise them, so when you communicate with Lawyers, Accountants, or Creative or Manufacturing, you can speak their language and really resonate with what they’re experiencing.

I’d recommend weekly, if you can, the more often the better, so try and find time to do this yourself once a week or once a month, delegate this to someone in your marketing teams, OR outsource this, to the sponsor of Today’s post - Marketopia!

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