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Fixing Customer Feedback in Halo PSA

business Jun 26, 2022

Once upon a time In our feedback system that we once used, we used to have Love, Great, OK, and Poor as those 4 smiley faces you click on. One of the businesses that we looked after said that they couldn’t give us ‘Love’ feedback because of their religious beliefs, and that love should only ever be used for when you really mean it, with someone who you truly love.

I mean, my mind boggles because they must have a super fun life!

Halo and pretty much every CSAT tool out there has a problem that many MSP owners are missing, and one that is limiting the amount of feedback they can get from their clients.

You see, the biggest problem with pretty much all of the CSAT tools out there is that they use those 3 or maybe 4 smiley faces, which are all images, and by default, most email clients don’t load external images.

With Microsoft Outlook you have to add them to your safe sender's list or keep clicking the ‘show images’ button, and it’s a similar story with Gmail.

So, there are 2 ways that I’d suggest to fix this.

Firstly, if you’re in a Windows environment, then you can push a policy to all client machines that add the corresponding email address to the safe sender's list, so in the future - emails will open up with those smiley faces that they can click on and provide you with feedback.

The other alternative here is to just switch those images over to something else.

Be it Emoji faces, or just text links.

For creating the policies, and depending on what tools you are using - you’ll need to find the best way to roll those safe sender policies out to all your client machines, which shouldn’t be a huge issue for you, since you’re an MSP and you have that level of access to their networks to configure it.

This option has a significant benefit because now you get to keep your images, and with images, you can have some fun.

Christmas, Halloween, Queens Jubilee - you can always and easily switch out those images for something that’s more relevant, and possibly more likely to be clicked on because of their relevancy.

The second way, is to switch out those images for something else - and today I’m going to show you this in Halo.

1. Head to Configuration, Ticketing, Surveys, and if you scroll down you can head to the ‘Customise $Feedbackall variable’

2. Click on "here" and you’ll see the default feedback with those faces that you’re currently using. Here you can make your edits, I just deleted everything then added a table, added the Emoji I wanted to use, add the text to say whatever you want each one to be called, and then add the links for each one. Halo at least makes the links really easy for you.

3. For the best feedback, it’s $FEEDBACK1, the next is $FEEDBACK2, FEEDBACK3 and FEEDBACK4, mega easy.

If I just remind you of the story that I started on, about using the ‘Love’ word in our CSAT tools, so use whatever words you want to use, but it’s worth giving it some thought - perhaps just sticking with something generic like Great, Good, OK, and Poor. Or go all out with whatever flaire you wish - Love, Awesome, Super!

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Once you’ve set this up in Halo, you’ll also want to go into each of the email templates, which you can do by going to Configuration - Email - Scroll down to Email Templates, and then find the email that you’d like to include your CSAT on and just include that $FEEDBACKALL variable that will bring that whole feedback section in that you’ve just designed.

I’ve got an email template that we provide to all of our course members, so I would just go into this template and add it in here.

Then any new ticket closure emails that go out to customers will get that new feedback as an option.

Doing this, either the first or the second one, will dramatically increase the number of unique pieces of feedback that you get day to day. Once you’ve got some regular feedback coming in, I’d suggest you go and read this post next which will explain how to automate those reviews.

Thanks for reading!


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