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MSP Marketing 101 | Video Marketing

business msp marketing msp pillar series Jan 20, 2021


In this MSP post series we’re taking a look at each of the marketing pillars that you need in your business, to help you grow your brand, connect with your customers, and ultimately win more business.

And today, it’s all about Video Marketing.

My name is Pete Matheson and in March 2020, I sold my IT Business and today I’m coaching other IT Business Owners to help them achieve the results that I did, and hopefully beyond.

Video is one of the best things you can do for your business when it comes to marketing pillars.

It allows you to connect with your audience, grow your brand and elevate your business above all others, because MOST MSPs, IT Companies, heck most businesses don’t value the power of Video Marketing.

Why? For many reasons, it can seem complicated, time consuming, and the most common reason, makes people feel really uncomfortable by being on Camera.

But, if you can overcome those concerns and do this video marketing thing well – it will be one of the best business decisions you have made.

In this video, we’re going to talk about 3 ways you can use video to grow your business and if you stick around until the end I’m also going to touch on what are some of the best video products to use.




Firstly, the most important one of the bunch – this is the one that will help you grow your brand, is to share video’s that show the inner workings of your business. Show the company culture, what do you do for your staff and how well are they treated? Do you provide free drinks? Do you have daily, weekly, or monthly meetings so you stay on top of things? Why did you start the business? What are your goals with the business? What are you doing to look after your customers? Real thought leadership type stuff.

All of these things will share just a smidge of what your company is about, which will then engage and interest your customers, prospects, and attract the right type of customers who appreciate the way your business operates.

With this you can mix in some real topical videos, talking about the reasons why cyber security is so important, maybe talking about the top vendors who operate in that space, reviewing certain products – but make sure you are showing some personality in there.

I’ve seen tonnes of people who start video by pumping out video’s like why you need anti-virus, why you need ransomware protection and so on, but whilst these videos are a great way to get started and feel comfortable infront of a camera, the real magic starts when you start letting your audience to see behind the camera and get to know the real you, the real company, that’s the real magic sauce right there.


The second thing is to get started with video, and this one is to integrate it with your sales and specifically the quoting process. Particularly in today’s world of virtual meetings and little actual face time, if you can accompany your proposals and quotes with a video that walks the customer through and explains the reasons behind your decisions, why you chose x over y and basically all of the information you’d tell your customers in person but not want to fill a quote with – this is the ideal place to start, and you will win more business by doing this.


Thirdly is to capture the excellent work you are doing. This could be testimonials or perhaps longer form case studies. Again, with today’s socially distanced world, this in itself is so much easier.

Simply hop on a video call with your customer, ask them a few questions around how their experience has been, what their concerns were and how you overcame them, and in a very short time you have a great piece of video content to add to your testimonials page on your website, share on social media and showcase to prospects.

You only need a few minutes of footage, and you only need maybe 5 minutes of your customers time, so it’s a really quick and easy way to get some great content to reuse across all of your other marketing pillars.

Those are 3 ways to use video in your business, but please don’t dismiss the first one. It is such an important but often missed opportunity to really elevate your business above all others, and I’m telling you now that only a tiny, tiny proportion of those reading this post will likely do it. So why not be one of that tiny proportion?

OK, so you’ve got some reasons to make video – but what are the best video services to use to make them?

Here’s a quick Run down for tools I’ve used over the years and I can highly recommend starting out with them for your business. 

Firstly, for one-to-one emails, BombBomb. It’s undoubtedly one of the kings when it comes to personalised video’s. Simply use the iPhone app or via web browser or email client, and quickly send a video message.

Another option is Loom, which I would recommend for sending a video to accompany your quotes. They have a great solution which records your screen, and then records your camera in the bottom corner.

Vidyard can be used to host your video’s, but you can use it to see a tonne of analytics data around who is watching your video’s, for how long and where from, it’s a great tool and I know Continuity are currently using this and seeing great results.

YouTube of course is another ‘tool’, so to speak. But you should be uploading those video testimonials and blog or vlog style videos to YouTube. It’s the number 2 search engine, and even though you may only get 1 or 2 views to begin with, over time it will play a big part in your organic reach.

For video editing there are tonnes of options. iMovie is a great free one for Mac. Davinci Resolve is a professional grade editor for PC and Mac, Adobe Premiere is a great paid for product for those of you already subscribed to the Adobe CS Suite, and Final Cut Pro is my current editor of choice for these types of video’s.

There you have it, we’ve covered the top 3 things you should be doing with video in your business, and touched on some of the services you should use to deliver the video content.

In the post and video we’re going to turn to your website, and talk about the biggest mistakes I often find, which could be happening on your website. So please do head over to my channel and subscribe for more of this content.

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