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Read this now if you work with Legal Firms

msp marketing Oct 07, 2021

Do you want to know what IT Products and Services the top law firms in the country are using? Then here is what you need to do, and then I'll get on to how you can use this to grow your MSP.

First - Simply head over to, click on Directories and there you will have 2 reports.

The first, is the UK Top 200 2021 Report. This is literally an excel spreadsheet which contains a list of all of the IT Products and hosted Services that the Top 200 UK Legal Firms are using and have been using for the past few years.

It shows you things like Mimecast absolutely dominating the cyber security space. iManage Work the top DMS, Bighand by far the most popular transcription service and so much more.

Mimecast is by far the most dominant product, at least in the UK with almost 100% of the top 200 law firms using it.

If you are in the US, then there is also the US top 200 Report, however, I haven't seen this as for some reason, they are wanting to charge for access.

If you're another Law Firm then it's $250, if you're a vendor is $2,500 and if you're an investor, it's $12,500.

Kind of seems unfair to charge 3 that significantly much more to investors or M&A Advisors but hey, this is the Legal sector we're talking about. I would presume that it will show you the same, if not more detailed information than the free UK Spreadsheet details.


So now you've got that information, what are you going to do with it?

Firstly - hi, my name is Pete, and if that has all been useful so far then head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe for more.


With this information, you can look to tailor your own offerings when you approach other law firms, either in the top 200 or smaller more local firms.

The biggest one I see is MSPs settling for the built in 365's Threat Protection which, whilst you might be happy with the performance, these law firms are certainly not.

I find law firms tend keep very close to each other, mostly because they're constantly working with other firms on either side of the legal agreements they're working on with their clients, and that means that they talk a LOT.

Even if you think that whatever email protection service you are using and recommending is best, it's unlikely that these other law firms will listen when they know that the top 200 law firms are pretty much using Mimecast and only Mimecast.

This isn't a post telling you to sign up for Mimecast, I've actually had plenty of good and bad experiences with Mimecast over the years - but it's a wake up call for those of you struggling to get into the legal sector and wondering why you aren't making any progress.

With this information, you can confidently go to your local firms and proudly say that you are using the same products and services as the top law firms in your country, and that you have the skills and security to deliver those services.

If that was useful then that is just one of many strategies that I teach on my website, so check out the link down below. Subscribe if you aren't already and I'll see you again next time.

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