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The Fastest way to get leads for your MSP?

msp marketing pillar Jul 04, 2022

MSPs are interested in only one thing. LEAD GENERATION. 

So in this post, I want to walk you through how to get your MSP to acquire new leads at the speed of sound.

Hi, my name is Pete, and I make posts about running a better MSP Business.

Recently I made a post about what I would do to market a brand new MSP, so when I sat down with today's sponsor, Marketopia to ask how they do lead generation for MSPs, they told me about their Mach Plans designed specifically for MSP lead generation. 

I was shocked by what they said, and perhaps that's what the title of this post should have been to get your attention. But actually, it was pretty much bang on with my own thoughts.

So for you today, I give you the formula for getting more leads into your business.

It's actually really simple, have a good website, do some email marketing, some social media marketing, some PPC Advertising, write some blogs, maybe an eBook or two, and now you have yourself a lead generation machine.

Let me break this down for you because I genuinely believe this is a great formula.


This is pretty standard nowadays. A good, attractive website, that gives the prospect what they’re looking for AND it’s actually designed to convert leads.

We’re talking about things like Call to Actions. Click here for this, and fill in this form to get that.

You need to find someone who understands designing a website specifically for lead generation, but who also has a good eye for design.


To do email marketing, you need to build a list. First things first, start building a list of your prospects that you can market to. Use whatever tools you have available to do so. LinkedIn, Google, Yellow Pages, you could perhaps even try buying the data if you want to shortcut your way through.

With the emails you send, as with anything else you do marketing-wise, you want to educate your customers. Tell them about the latest problems and how you solve those problems.

Those same messages can then go out across your social platforms, and you can write blog posts about them. Create some landing pages around those specific services that you offer, design some lead magnets for those landing pages like downloadable eBooks, or templates and resources and then run Google ads against those pages to generate traffic.

Now that sounds like an incredible amount of work to do, so I’m going to be starting a new video series to talk about each of these in more detail and explain how to do it yourself.


However, if all of that does sound really complicated, time-consuming, and expensive - then that’s exactly what Marketopia can help you with.

Marketopia is the smartest marketer in tech. They support IT Businesses, MSPs, and vendors to create content, manage campaigns, work smarter, and generally thrive as a business. Their team is full of marketing experts who come from the tech space, so they know what they're doing. If you need to build your brand, raise awareness and sell your services and products, then Marketopia can help. 


if you want to read more about marketing for your MSP, check out these blog posts, otherwise, thanks for reading and I'll see you soon!



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