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The trick to 100% Open Rates for MSPs

business msp msp marketing msp marketing pillar Sep 22, 2021

This MSP 101 Marketing Pillar, is one that can guarantee you a 100% Open Rate.

Let's talk about direct mail. Direct Mail is something that most people forget about, because why would you want to send boring old snail mail to your clients or prospects?

To answer this question, I'm going to tell you what one of my customers said many years ago when I sent out our first ever printed newsletter.

"Hey Pete, I've just finished reading your newsletter - really interesting! Just one question. Why didn't you email it to me?"

My response to their comment was; "because you read it!"


If you're new here then hi my name is Pete, and I started my own MSP in 2011 and then sold it last year, and now I'm sharing what I've learned over the last decade to help you grow your business too.


The number 1 reason why you should be sending direct mail is that nobody else is. At least nobody else in your industry.

You're not having to fight against hundreds of thousands of millions of other people sending emails, and likely being filtered into a newsletter folder in someone's inbox that probably gets ignored. Instead, you're sending a physical something to someone for it to get to their physical desk where they will 100% open it and then at least scan read it to see if it's of interest to them.

I'm going to talk about what types of direct mail you could be using to grow your business and then how to stand out and make sure that yours gets opened and read.

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Newsletters are the first one! Ugh, that sounds so boring! But you know what sounds even more boring? Email newsletters! Haha. Jokes - sign up for my newsletter, link down below.

Send a short, colourful newsletter every month, something around 4 or 8 pages that can be read whilst they're having their morning coffee and with information, they actually care about.

If you're struggling with what to include in your newsletter, then consider a monthly update on where the business is and what you've done to improve the lives of your customers, the latest news from the previous month, articles, testimonials, welcoming new clients, maybe Christmas opening hours when that comes around each year, events you're attending - all of the things!

If you are really stuck with a newsletter, then I'll shortly be uploading a template that you can download and brand from my online course make sure you're signed up to receive updates for that.

Other times when you think of using 'direct mail' is something you could incorporate with your dream list - if you've no idea what I'm talking about, go watch this video

Draw up a list of clients that you want to work with, then send a personalised letter to each of them. Invite them for a networking session, a lunchtime meal, a round of golf, whatever it might be.

You could also try broader mailshots to local businesses, but I would always advise doing targeted and personalised messages rather than blanket spray and pray messages.

So, how do you stand out Pete? I hear you ask. There are a few tricks of the trade which I've learned over the years that make a massive difference in getting your direct mail to the desk, and even the hands of the person you want to reach.

First, the envelope. You want to send it in a bright, dare I say fluorescent envelope that can't be missed.

Second, if you can, hand write that person's name and address on the front. It doesn't have to be your handwriting, but get someone to handwrite on the envelope for to them.

Thirdly, include something bulky if you can. Kit kat can make a great campaign, read this whilst you're snacking on your kit kat! That sounds like a euphemism...

But by doing all of these, your post will get instantly recognised. Once you've sent one, they'll know that your monthly newsletter is that bright orange thing that comes through the post.

It's far more memorable than a boring, white envelope, printed, boring, boring. Speaking of which, those of you who are printing newsletters on your own laserjet printer, stapling the corner together, and throwing that in a white envelope? Shame on you!

I'm a firm believer in putting effort into the quality of everything you do as a business.

If your IT support is really that great, then the quality of your marketing should be equally as great. You should be exuding quality here.

So there's my top MSP 101 Marketing Pillar Tip for today! Check out my course for IT Business Owners on sharing everything I've learned from running my own £1m+ MSP including that Newsletter template that's coming very soon. Next go Refresh yourself on what a dream list is, by watching this, and make sure you head over and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more MSP Marketing Pillar's. 






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