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Why Every MSP Should Start a Podcast

business marketing msp pillar series Jul 28, 2021

Welcome back to the latest post in our MSP 101 Marketing Pillar Series where we're once again we are talking about one of the core marketing pillars that you can implement in your own business. Today, it's all about starting a Podcast.

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Following on from our recent couple of posts around events, and MDF funding, today I wanted to talk to you about something that most people are just going to read the title of and go 'Nah, that's a crap idea'.

But hear me out. Also, make sure you stick around until the end as I'm going to let you know about something that could kick start your podcast, particularly if you're worried about how much it costs to get started. Please let us know what success you've had when starting your own podcast or any questions or challenges you have around starting one, otherwise, let's dive in.


Most people who think about starting a podcast probably either think along the lines of 1) They have an amazing idea that is so different to everybody else they'd be crazy not to start one!

or 2) It's pointless starting one because there are just so many of them out there already.

Both of these thoughts are right. First up, if you have an amazing idea for a podcast - then do it.

I'm still waiting to see the MSP version of Hot Ones, where Sean Evans interviews Celebrities whilst progressively eating hotter and hotter chicken wings. It is the perfect combination of comedy, entertainment, and genuinely interesting conversations as you get a look at the real person of each celebrity as they're trying to answer very good questions whilst everything inside them is on fire.

If you have a great idea that you think will stand out, just go for it. Think outside the box and I guarantee you will get more traffic, more views, or listens than just the regular type of podcast.

Talking about the regular types of podcasts - in the business world, most of the podcasts I do see are those where business owner 1 sits down with business owner 2, and they have a chat.

Chat about their journey, how they started in business, how they grew, any top tips on marketing, all of that fun stuff.

Whilst that is great and all, it is basically the same as what most other small businesses are doing - nothing unique, but it's also not a bad thing! Honestly! Hear me out.

If you are seeing all of these types of podcasts and all you think is, well it's all been done before, no point in even trying. Just listen!

The reason why you should start a podcast, right now for your business, and introduce it as one of your core marketing pillars, is this;

Take your dream list. If you don't already have a dream list, then make sure you're subscribed and watch the next video where we'll talk about that a bit more.

So, take your dream list of clients with who you would LOVE to work, and ask them to be on your podcast. Most of them will say yes.

Because, who doesn't want to come and talk about themselves? It's free advertising and marketing for their own business to your audience, and they get to talk about themselves and their business!

In return, you get to speak to that dream client with who you've always wanted to work.

Ideally, you do the podcast in person and in your offices - if that's still a thing... because now you can meet them in person, they get to see your offices, meet your staff, get a feel for the company culture and how helpful you are to your customers and just have a conversation.

You will learn a lot more about them in the 30-60 minutes of chatting to them for a podcast than you would in just a regular sales meeting. Once the podcast is done you thank them and let them on their merry way.

This isn't a chance to sell to them, but what you HAVE done, is educated them. Shown them your business, met your staff, and shown them how you like to look after your customers.

You want to make the experience of them visiting you as special as you can - heck there is a business here in the UK who hired a full-time butler to look after their customers and staff, who made sure they were watered, fed, and ultimately - happy.

Over time you will build up a rapport with the majority of your dream clients, and over time you will build relationships that can then turn into something more. As contracts expire or renew, or they suffer an issue with their own IT systems - who do you think will be top of mind? Someone who is cold calling them and they have no real relationship with yet, or someone who they've already met spent an hour chatting to and has already tried to help their business out by promoting it to their customers - with ZERO expectations of a return, or becoming a client, or anything?!

THAT is how you use a podcast to grow your business, and THAT is also how you build a brand.


Summary time! Then I'm going to let you in on 2 hidden gems which will really help you when it comes to using a Podcast as part of your marketing strategy.

First up, you should start a podcast. It doesn't matter if it's a great, unique idea that nobody has seen before OR even the kind of fallback option of interviewing local business owners, asking how they started out in business, how they grew it, perhaps how they use technology to grow. That is all great stuff.

The important thing here is that you are inviting and talking to your dream list customers.

THAT is the key.

To build a relationship and with Zero expectations of signing them up as a customer, Zero selling - UNLESS they ask you about your business.

There are a couple of gems that are worth noting when starting your podcast - so please pay attention to these as they can be SO powerful.

#GEM 1

MDF Funding. In my experience, you CAN use MDF to help fund your podcasts. Treat it like an event, bring some of your vendors on board to talk about their products and services, and try some lead generation with Podcasts. In return, you put up 50% of the money to buy the podcast equipment, and MDF can take care of the other 50%. I'll leave a link below for my recommended gear that you'll need to get started.

#GEM 2

Number two is that when your interviewees come into your offices - pay attention. If they would like a tea or coffee, then remember how they take it. Simple things like this, that you can note down for the next time you meet them. Next time, perhaps if you have them in for a second podcast - you can just have their drink ready for them. Maybe their favourite cake, or biscuit - the more stuff like this you can remember, the more you will WOW them into thinking 'WOW, they really were paying attention'.

That's everything for today's MSP 101 Marketing Pillar Series. Thanks for reading.


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