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Why is it important to reward yourself?

business msp Oct 14, 2021

Welcome back to the website and this one is a bit of a departure from my usual posts - because mental health is also something I want to touch on from time to time, particularly when speaking to an audience of business owners and entrepreneurs, because I know how tough some days can be.


Firstly, If you're new here then hey, my name is Pete, and I make videos around Business, specifically IT Businesses as I've run my own business for the last decade, and also my journey both past and present of growing multiple businesses. But I also like to talk about finances and mental health because nobody seems to be talking about that stuff enough.


I wanted to talk about something I've seen crop up a few times on my feed which I think is a really good, healthy thing to do as a business owner - because it's easy to get caught up in the day to day craziness that comes with running your own company.

That good thing is to just, Reward Yourself.

You are probably so busy running between meetings, dropping the kids off at school, meeting customers, sending quotes, planning out your marketing strategy, figuring out your finances, that when it comes to something as amazing as say, winning a new client - you don't really do anything other than do even more work to service that client.

On LinkedIn recently I've seen a few people post their wins and it sparked the idea for this post, because where a handful of people are, I fear that the vast majority of people are not.

Kimbley IT are a prime example. I know every time they win a new client, because there's a photo of them that gets posted with them going out for their traditional when winning a new client, sushi.

I think this is a really good approach, a tradition. So what I wanted to ask you to do today, in your own business, is to start your own tradition.

When you win a new client, what will your tradition be? It can be anything.

From ordering Domino's for all staff, to the owners going out for a beer and a burger for lunch, whatever it is.

But the main thing here with this tradition is that it's for you, the business owner, to sit back and look at the bigger picture, and appreciate what you have achieved so far.

It's been a hard 18 months with all of the pressure added by Covid, and so whether you feel like you are still in a hole, just climbing back out of that hole or it's just business as usual now - take time to celebrate.

All I'm asking you to do is tell me, down below in the comments, either what your tradition is for how you celebrate a new client win, or, if you don't do anything, make a pact with me today and tell me what will your tradition be from today onwards.

Back to our usual programming next week, but for now - take care of yourself, celebrate the good stuff, and I'll see you soon.

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